Graphic Enhancing Mods

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Graphic Enhancing Mods

Postby Hidden » 21 Feb 2012, 23:59

Will these mods help P:C's graphics...?

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Re: Graphic Enhancing Mods

Postby Tarius » 22 Feb 2012, 00:06

And why exactly would you think this mod needs help?
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Re: Graphic Enhancing Mods

Postby SamirA » 22 Feb 2012, 01:21

Depends on what you are talking about. We use vanilla stuff some so obviously those items will look "better" with new textures, but most of our new stuff will already be up to current texture standards. MGE/Voodoo will help of course.
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Re: Graphic Enhancing Mods

Postby Wollibeebee » 24 Feb 2012, 04:41

everything we use from vanilla will look better with nice graphic replacers.

Everything made by us is usually at the same level with those replacers.

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