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Website Bugs/Requests

Postby SGMonkey » 24 Mar 2014, 18:53

I had a few hardware failures a while back and I never really got round to finishing off the forum. So a lot of things still look very unfinished. I'd like to try and simplify the forums a bit maybe, if people are so inclined of course.

As some of you have probably noticed I am (by request of SamirA) working on implementing topic icons similar to the ones used over at TR. I am currently experimenting with a few different options for this, so please bare with me.

Any bugs or problems with the site, please post them here.
Any features you'd like to see, please use this topic to discuss them.
Any particular parts you don't like about the forum's style, let me know here. i.e. any colours that don't sit right, or layout ideas or issues.

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Re: Website Bugs/Requests

Postby jazzon » 17 Sep 2014, 03:22

Have you looked at the "Project FAQ" Topic lately?

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the sites code, so I don't know how to link neatly yet.

A lot of the script tags are not processing correctly (at least for me none of them are).

YUCK! First post is an issue report ... bummer.....
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Re: Website Bugs/Requests

Postby Scamp » 17 Sep 2014, 13:40

Not even sure what most of these tags even mean. Thanks for pointing it out... (maybe I can look into it some time)

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Re: Website Bugs/Requests

Postby TerrifyingDaedricFoe » 19 Sep 2014, 10:47

I believe it was to directly link each question in the first post to each answer, without having to create a new post for each answer. I don't know how dj did it, though. Presumably it's not possible with the new forum software.
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