Hunting for the Hunter

Quests given by people in the Cold Coast Region.
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Hunting for the Hunter

Postby TerrifyingDaedricFoe » 23 May 2011, 16:21

Quest Name: Hunting for the Hunter

Location: Anvil and the Gold Coast

NPCs: Astia Inventius & Pinarus Inventius

Interiors: Pinarus Inventius' House

Models/Texture: None

Latest rumours in Anvil will tell you that the famous hunter Pinarus Inventius has been out of town for over a week and his wife Astia is beside herself with worry. Being the kindly soul that you are, you go to find her. She'll explain that Pinarus sometimes goes out on extended hunting trips for a few days, camping out in the wilderness. However, he's never been away for so long before and she is worried that he's gotten into trouble. She asks you to go and look for him, suggesting that you bring a few scrolls of restore health and divine intervention. Unfortunately she doesn't know where he might be, although he mentioned something about Crowhaven.

Crowhaven is north of Anvil along the Gold Coast. He isn't actually there, but is lying on the ground behind a rock nearby. (I don't know if having someone lie on the ground and still be able to talk is possible. If it isn't then have him standing up but unable to move.) He is surrounded by the corpses of three wolves and a bear. If you talk to him he'll tell you that he was ambushed by a pack of wolves whilst he was about to shoot a bear. He was able to fight them off but was bitten on the leg and can't move.

If you give him a scroll of restore health he will be healed enough to stagger back to Anvil, but you'll have to escort him all the way. Alternatively, you can give him a scroll of divine intervention which will get him back to the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil straight away.

Either way, he'll end up back in his house and will offer you some free Marksman training as a reward.
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