PC_i2-08 Lost Fisherman quest

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PC_i2-08 Lost Fisherman quest

Postby Tes96 » 08 Sep 2014, 20:51

For the cave I made, PC_i2-08, I want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend couple who venture into the cave to escape the rainstorm. When inside, they find bandits who attack and rape them and the couple run off but not in the direction of the exit. The boyfriend trips and falls down a large opening in the floor and dies. The girlfriend runs off and manages to hide without being found.

Player arrives a couple days after this has happened. The girl fisherman is lost in the cave and since it is pitch dark, she has to feel her way around through the cave, which in turn, makes her more lost. The Player finds her, she tells him what happened, and the Player can agree to help her escape, help her find her boyfriend, or decline, or rape her yourself (not sure how that would be implemented in-game).

Player will most likely kill the bandits which will allow you to safely escort girl out of cave. You would most likely have to use levitation to find her boyfriend and then report back to her to let her know he died from falling.

Both guy and girl will be naked since they were both raped and had their clothes ripped off. The girl, after rescuing her from the cave, will ask if you can bring her something to wear that the bandits have in their inventory. One of the bandits will have some female clothes. After that, for your reward, she'll offer to cook you a nice fish meal at her house. No gold reward here.

Player can follow her back to her house for reward.
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