Elided Histories of Tamriel, Volume XXVII: The Pentalemma

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Elided Histories of Tamriel, Volume XXVII: The Pentalemma

Postby Saint_Jiub » 26 Nov 2013, 03:01

Posting here with permission from Haute Quêteure:

Elided Histories of Tamriel, Volume XXVII: The Pentalemma
by Hadadh al'Qus

The Tamrielic Pentalemma (431e2-582e2) was the first phase of the Interregnum between the Reman and Septim-Mede dynasties. A one-hundred and fifty-one year folio of strife, it began on the First of Morning Star 431, when Potentate Savarius Coracco was assassinated on his personal gondola by devotees of the Temple of Seth. Until then, under the Akaviri Potentate, the nobility of Cyrodiil's clients had found themselves utterly plagued with the itches of ambition.

When finally unfettered by the ministrations of that last vestige of Imperial authority, a rash of bloody havoc cut across the map in purpled varicose. Waging with death and daedra until only alliance would tender, Five claimants for Imperator of the Cyrodiils, The Cyrodiil, would come: Caina Eblis, anon Alessia Cyrodiil, with the aid of Mannimarco, Sload, and Bal held the Sunder-Seat with Bone Legions; High-King Mjuntr The Boneless, anon Mantiarco Cyrodiil, with the aid of Mane Rimmen'Do, the An-Koutl of Argonia, and Hircine hounded the land as The Beasthold; Xeideres Camoran, anon Camoran Cyrodiil, with the aid of The Alinor and his lessers, The Ape-Lord Bug, and Hermaeus sought to subdue Dawn's Beauty in their Mora Camoris; the Yokeda Wolombu (high king) Jaan, anon Sejanus Cyrodiil, with the aid of House Hlaalu, the Direnni, and Vile ran mad and breathless as The [1st] Restless League; King Rohlstain of Kreath, anon Amalur Cyrodiil, with the aid of all Colovia, Versius Arrenaldus and his Dragonguard, Chieftain Wogturuk Gro-Smuthk, and Dagon tried for the throne as The Free Estates.

All five would come, spurt their vein-glory, then strike dead and head-less. The divisions wrought thereby would persist until the coming of Tiber Septim.

We need to use this, you guys.

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