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Faction Books

Postby Worsas » 21 Nov 2013, 23:07

At SHOTN we noticed at some point that all of the faction-specific books in Morrowind.esm ("Mages Guild Charter", "Fighters Guild Charter", "Honor Among Thieves", "Ordo Legionis", "For my Gods and Emperor") describe actual guild-locations of the vanilla game and other vvardenfell-specific circumstances. So we could not continue using them and had to create Skyrim-specific versions.

You could either decide to skip these books altogether or you do like us and write Cyrodiil-versions.

I'll quote our versions of "Ordo Legionis" and "For my Gods and Emperor" as they might provide you ideas for own wordings. Please note that there are still some errors in these texts because I have taken them from the forum-threads and not the corrected books in Skyrim-Data.

Ordo Legionis

The most disciplined and effective military force in history, the Imperial Legions preserve and enforce order and rule of law all over Tamriel. Being the iron fist of Empire and Emperor, the Legions fight wherever crime and barbarism rise against lawful rule. Every capable man or woman who wishes to learn in the art of warfare is welcome to join our ranks.

You will find numerous legion garrisons all over Skyrim. In the western holds Fort Tiber and Taurus Hall guard over the political balance of The Reach. Fort Northwatch and Solitude Legion Fort in Haafinheim contain among the best-trained units of the province. Fort Neugrad in Falkreath is a preferable site for those seeking enlistment in the Legion.

Further east you will find facilities of recruitment in Fort Helgen at the Pale Pass and Fort Greenwall in The Rift. Fort Kastav in Winterhold and Fort Mistwatch in Eastmarch are at full complement. A garrison stationed in Whiterun supports the native Nord troops in defense of the city. Only experienced legionnaires should consider joining these garrisons.

The Legion selects candidates on the basis of superior endurance, the soldierly virtue, and trustworthy personality, the citizen's virtue, for service in the Legion is the model for the duties of Imperial citizenship. Troopers are expected to demonstrate mastery of the long blade, the spear, and blunt weapons. Legion troops train with shield and heavy armor, and so must be skilled at blocking and moving in heavy armor.

As a trooper or knight, you must master the long blade, spear, and blunt weapons. You must block whatever blows you can, and take unblocked blows upon your heavy armor. Recruit must also be proficient at athletics, both to march long distances with heavy packs, and to advance and maneuver, charge and retreat on the field of battle.

For My Gods and Emperor
A Handbook for the Imperial Cult

What is the Imperial cult?
The Imperial cult promulgates the official religion of the Empire in each of its provinces. The cult worships the Imperial pantheon – it is comprised of the cults that venerate the Eight Divines as well as the god-hero Tiber Septim, also known as Talos, or Ysmir. Imperial cult priests maintain shrines throughout Skyrim, where worship can be undertaken and healing can be had.

What is the Virtuous Life?
Our doctrines are simple. We acknowledge the divinity of the Nine, and live by the Nine Virtues -- Humility, Inspiration, Piety, Work, Compassion, Justice, Ambition, Learning, and Civility. The Emperor is the Defender of the Faith, and the Empire is the worldly working of the Divine Plan; we are loyal to the Emperor and Empire in all things.
The Imperial cults look to the Nine as models for living a good and virtuous life. Each of the Nine represents different aspects of life, and how it should be lived.
We practise the Virtues by offering aid to those citizens who need or ask for it. Skyrim is a harsh and cold place, and all citizens of the Empire should help and protect one another, whether that is by offering shelter or by treating wounds from strife. Needless to say, the stronger one is, the wealthier one is, the more one bears responsibility for helping and protecting others.

Imperial cult services
Many Imperial cult locations have healing altars. You may pray at Imperial cult healing altars and receive blessings which cure common diseases, cure poisons, and restore damaged attributes. We ask only a modest fee when they are used, which helps us spread the blessings of the Nine to those less fortunate than ourselves.
Our shrines are spread throughout the Holds of Skyrim. In the Reach, look for members in Karthwasten, Taurus Hall, and Fort Tiber. In Haafinheim, shrines are to be found in the City of Solitude and Fort Northwatch. The Hold of Falkreath offers cult facilities in the City of Falkreath and Neugrad Watch. Further Imperial cult locations are found in Whiterun, Helgen, Winterhold, Fort Kastav, Windhelm, Fort Mistwatch, Riften, and Greenwall.

How do the Imperial cults view the other factions of Skyrim?
The Imperial cults have a very close relationship with the Imperial legions, and a friendly and supportive relationship with the Imperial Guilds -- especially the Fighters’ and Mages’ Guilds. We cannot condone the actions of the Thieves Guild, but we praise their faithful dedication to the Emperor and to Imperial culture.
We have only respect for the members of the Imperial College of the Voice, who aim to further the goals of the Empire through their training. We also respect the members of the College of Winterhold, whose research and study into the magickal arts are to the benefit of all, when disseminated freely.
The cult praises the faith of those who tend the Nordic sanctuaries throughout Skyrim, sacred places dedicated to members of the native Nordic pantheon. Many of those venerated are in common with those done so by the Cult. Whilst it is true the relationship between followers of the sanctuaries and the cult has been difficult in the past, we honor their commitment and do not wish for enmity to continue.
We decry in the strongest possible terms the actions of local rebellions. The Horme’s false claim against the Septim line is an attack on Emperor and Empire, and so directly acts against the cult. Likewise, the Forsworn native to the Reach have conducted violence against Imperial holdings in Skyrim, and we can in no way approve of their actions.

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