Guide to Stirk By Alessia Ottus

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Guide to Stirk By Alessia Ottus

Postby SamirA » 16 Dec 2010, 08:25

Here is my first submission of a unique book for our mod. This book follows the same style as other Guide books found in TES IV Oblivion. These books have been converted for use in P:C and our new cities should all have them as well. This guide is the guide for our new settlement on Stirk.

Guide to Stirk
By Alessia Ottus

The Nine bless and guide you! My name is Alessia Ottus and I would like to tell you about Stirk!

Stirk is the smallest of the cities of Cyrodiil, found just off the Gold Coast on a cozy little island paradise. The small port city has made a name for itself through the slaughterfish trade and the capturing of notorious Gold Coast pirates!

The town is a quaint little place with gorgeous views surrounding its beautiful walls. The atmosphere is always bright and cheerful with the warm salty breeze blowing in off the water and you simply can't complain about the scenery to be found on such a beautiful little island.

The architecture of the town is quite remarkable for its mixture of red brick and white marble found naturally on the island. The houses, and shops, are built to withstand the harshest of tropical winds as well as the corrosion of the salty seas. If one did not know better they might mistake the city for a capitol after viewing the immaculate lanes and streets that grace this beautifully planned oasis.

Being a glorified village and not large enough of a city to garner a chapel dedicated to one of our glorious Divines, the chapel in Stirk is devoted to the entirety of the Nine. No god or goddess holds more weight in her walls than any other, and finer priests won't be found on the whole of Tamriel.

Almost as picturesque as the Chapel of the Divines, is the residence of my good friend Victus Pilious! His estate is a fine display of Imperial beauty in the midst of a tropical wonderland. If Victus weren't such a dear friend I would petition for the church to take over the grounds and convert them into the chapel! A finer manor would be tough to come by in all the realm, but Victus is a deserving owner of noble Nibenese blood!

Stirk's people are among the most kind-hearted and generous souls in Cyrodiil. If a friend is in need there will always be numerous anonymous gifts found on their doorstep. Such generosity can be found in the city that not a beggar is to be found, poor but proud fishermen and farmers are the closest one will come to the filthy, disease-ridden beasts the plague many of the larger cities of our fair Imperial Province.

A traveler would do well to stop and rest in Stirk and bask in the best hospitality the Empire has to offer!

May the Nine guide your way!

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