Astronomy: the Planets of the Divines

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Astronomy: the Planets of the Divines

Postby Infragris » 13 Jan 2014, 16:03

I came across this post detailing the nature and cosmology of the Divine Planets on the Lore Forums. Sadly, it appears to be a composite of several ideas from reddit and the like, and the poster could not recall who made what up. So asking for permission could be tricky.

I don't care much about the descriptions of the planets, but things like the name and meaning of their orbits and systems could be useful. Especially if we're going to flesh out the Imperial Cult.

Akatosh, Arkay and Julianos are the Eyes of the Warrior, Thief and Mage constellation respectively. Each of them rules one third of the Heavens. Akatosh is the north pole star, while Arkay is the south pole star.

Here's some info fans came up with:

Akatosh is insanely tectonically active. If he is stared at for long the observer will get the feeling that he is staring back. Most methods of magical observation are horribly dangerous when used on Aka, since they stimulate the observed area. Those that take the risk and survive report a pounding headache and a golden shine just outside the field of their vision even years afterwards. Unreliable reports on what those that do not survive see suggest that some layer of Akatosh's plane consists of "an ocean of shining golden eyes, one for each moment, always watching".

Kynareth is covered in deadly storms, no one can possibly reach the ground. If there even is one.

Julianos' surface is full of exact geometric shapes. Other layers of his plane's reality include a "sea" filled with the memories of all mortals. Another layer is a library that decribes all of history. There's a special hall for Altmeri genealogy. All of Julianos plane is completely silent.

Stendarr's surface is divided into two halfs, one pitch black, the other white. Those who look at it are filled with feelings of betrayal combined with sadness or rage depending on which half they look at.

Dibella is a beatiful garden. With lots of suggestive imagery. In fact, it consist of nothing but suggestive imagery.

The Julianos-Stendarr system is called the Aretaic. It governs the sum total of all ideals and virtues- such as wisdom, justice or truth. They are at times called the Silent Gods.

The system of Zenithar, Mara and Dibella governs all interpersonal interaction. It's name is Polidyn.

The orbits of the Eight reflect their stance at Convention. Aka and Arkay are alone because they have taken the spots that Lorkhan's twin planes once filled. Kynareth is alone because she is forever mourning her husband's demise. Dibella and Mara attend Zenithar because the three of the share a loyalty to Aka inspired by fear and reverence. Zenithar would attend Arkay, his Lord, but the Thief is jealous and cannot bear the presence of others in the proximity of his throne. Stendarr, too, once attended Arkay, but was cast out and now orbits Julianos, who fell silent at Convention. They are bystanders. Julianos inherited the positon of Eye of the Mage from his teacher Magnus.

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Re: Astronomy: the Planets of the Divines

Postby Tarius » 03 Feb 2014, 00:27

Just to point it out, the names here are at least partially Greek in origin or are very similiar to that.
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Re: Astronomy: the Planets of the Divines

Postby Saint_Jiub » 03 Feb 2014, 02:04

Zenithar: Rich veins of iron, gold, orichalum, and every precious and semiprecious mineral ring the surface of this planet. The sole exception is ebony, being the blood of divine Shezarr.

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