Cyrodiilic Beverages

Discussion of Elder Scrolls lore and how it will be used in Province: Cyrodiil.
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Re: Cyrodiilic Beverages

Postby Worsas » 09 Aug 2014, 09:01

Would it be alright, if I used the Akul/Aliyew - Bottle for the Anvil Cider proposed by Infragris instead? We could keep calling it Akul or Aliyew as both names work well along with the appearance of the bottle. The bottle design works better with the theme of the Gold Coast but not necessarily with the theme of northern Colovian areas, I imagine.

How about this? I'm not really good at this kind of thing, but I've tried to anyway:

"Aliyew is how we call an alcoholic syrup made from sun-kissed apples as they grow on the outer slopes of Anvil. For its utter sweetness and cohesiveness it is a valued drink among women and Khajiiti alike."

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Re: Cyrodiilic Beverages

Postby EJRS » 09 Aug 2014, 17:17

Worsas wrote:" is a valued drink among women and Khajiiti alike..."

This might be a bit nitpicky, so please don't take offence or be discouraged, but I think it is problematic to use "women" as a generalization like this within the TES universe, seeing as the gender roles and norms are implied to vary a lot between the races of Tamriel, and the male norm of one race might be a lot more similar to the female norm of another than to the male dito.
Besides, it is a rather unecessary sexist remark, and although that might be attributed to the norms of the culture from whichever fictional character is supposed to have written this text, it does come across as a bit offensive in the same manner as portraying redguards as crazy about watermelons and fried chicken wings would do.

My suggestion would be to instead mention it as being preferred by the cultured elites of cyrodiil. From the description, I get the impression that it would most viably fill a role similar to liqueur, something served with dessert or between courses as a part of a multi-course dinner. Thus, it would likely not be too common among the lower classes, but rather with those of wealth and culture. Maybe even be more specific, and mention it as a favourite of the merchant princes of the gold coast?

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Re: Cyrodiilic Beverages

Postby Worsas » 09 Aug 2014, 17:51

That's fine. I was somehow writing from a jackass point-of-view there. I'm used to Skyrim (SHOTN)-dialogue that often appears to be big-mouthed or pathetic in places.

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Re: Cyrodiilic Beverages

Postby SamirA » 10 Aug 2014, 03:15

I really don't see how suggesting women prefer a drink is sexist, but ok.
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Re: Cyrodiilic Beverages

Postby Tarius » 07 Oct 2014, 05:13

Ok you know what I dont mean to sound like I am argueing, but this sounds PC, as in politically correct. There is nothing wrong with saying women in a culture prefer this drink for whatever reason, could be the latest fad or something and even explained that way. We do not have references all over saying men do this, women do that etc etc etc. So there shouldnt be anything wrong here, I mean what if we said men enjoy it? Would that be a problem?
Anyway, just my point of view on it.
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Re: Cyrodiilic Beverages

Postby Infragris » 07 Oct 2014, 11:51

The (unintended) implication is that women prefer sweet drinks because they're too fragile for real manly man drinks. Which doesn't really fit with the rest of the world: Cyrodiil is a remarkably egalitarian society, not only because we find many women in position of strength and authority, but also because traditionally "feminine" pursuits are much more common and accepted for all, in the east especially. As you said yourself, Tarius, we currently have no references to certain things being preferred by men or women. Why would we start doing this now? And what exactly is wrong with being "politically correct" in this regard?

As for the subject at hand: we should focus on the fact that the Khajiit love it. The drink is a major export product to Elsweyr, and it is rumored that Khajiiti merchants trade moon sugar and skooma for it, which are consumed in great quantities in the brothels and gambling houses of the city.

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Re: Cyrodiilic Beverages

Postby Worsas » 07 Oct 2014, 12:32

Two bits of SHOTN-dialogue that somewhat show where I've been coming from:

On Gyrrg
This swill is for housewives and pigs alike. The weeds used to make it do not even cover the taste of water. I would stay clear of Gyrrg if I were you and get a proper mug of mead instead.

I am Vorulf, Archer and Frontiersman of the Bear Clan. Though I may have been born from the womb of a Breton half-mer whore, my father was a true Nord of good stock, just as I am. Those foolish enough to insult my honor by calling me otherwise do not live to regret it.

I think it boils down to what kind of character you want to portrait. Most Cyrodils are probably tolerant, non-sexist people. But there can still be sexist assholes here and there, if it serves us in drawing interesting or at least entertaining sceneries.


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