Notes on Colovian character/culture/society

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Notes on Colovian character/culture/society

Postby MoonAndStar » 27 Feb 2014, 14:55

These are just a few ideas I improvised, hoping to spark a discussion on this subject. I will probably add more as it comes to me.
First of all, some quotes from the bible Pocket Guide to the Empire I:

The West is respected as Cyrodiil's iron hand: firm, unwavering, and ever-vigilant. The Cyro-Nords that settled it had relinquished the fertile Nibenay Valley long ago, determined to conquer the frontier. Their primitive ferocity was disinclined to magic or the need for industry, preferring bloody engagement and plunder instead.

The Colovians today still possess much of the frontier spirit of their ancestors. They are uncomplicated, self-sufficient, hearty, and extremely loyal to one another. Whenever the East would tremble under the weakness of a leader, the Colovians would withdraw unto themselves, always believing they were keeping the national spirit safe until the storm passed. They realize that the Nibenay Valley is the heart of the Empire and the cultural center of its civilization, but it is a fragile center that only can be held together by the strength of character of its Emperor. When he falters, so do the Colovians. Yet when he is mighty, like Tiber Septim, they are his legions. Today, West Cyrodiils make up the majority of the soldiers in the Ruby Ranks. The Colovian nobility, all officers of the Imperial Legions or its West Navy, do not allow themselves the great expenditure of courtly life as is seen in the capital city. They prefer immaculate uniforms and stark standards hanging from the ceiling of their austere cliff-fortresses; to this day, they become a little perplexed when they must visit the grandly decorated assault of color that is the Emperor's Palace.

Colovia is Sparta to Nibenay's Athens; Upper Egypt to Nibenay's Lower Egypt. Colovia is what holds the Empire together, that is because of its military prowess. A Colovian's skill in battle comes from discipline and superior tactics. While in a 1 on 1 fight a Redguard warrior would beat a Colovian one; in an 8,000 on 8,000 fight, the Colovians would have the Redguards running for the hills before long. Due to this skill in group tactics, the most popular spectacle at the Kvatch arena is that of small scale battles. While a dispute between redoran nobles would lead to a duel, a Colovian aristocrat is expected to bring a retinue of trusted vassals and bodyguards to the fight.

Colovians are austere. Ostentatious displays of luxury are frowned upon, though some may have succumbed to the latest Nibenese fashions. A Colovian noble's riches are expected to be used in part to finance religious festivals, entertainment and public infrastructure (sanitation, roads, temples) for both serfs and vassals.

Colovia inherited from their Nordic predecessors the feudal political, economic and social model. In the more populated areas closely controlled by the counties, this system has been downplayed a bit by intervention from the Imperial government; but it still remains strong in the old Colovian estates, mostly concentrated in the sparsely populated Highlands. Colovian nobility is all interconnected through a complex system of clientage. Many nobles can claim to have vassals in their service, that per the feudal contract, in exchange for loyalty and aid to the lord, receive a fief, that can range from a village to just a sword.

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Re: Notes on Colovian character/culture/society

Postby TerrifyingDaedricFoe » 27 Feb 2014, 16:44

I like all of this this.
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Re: Notes on Colovian character/culture/society

Postby Griff » 27 Feb 2014, 22:27

Loving it all :D

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Re: Notes on Colovian character/culture/society

Postby Infragris » 23 Mar 2014, 18:40

A somewhat hidden feature of Colovian society is that of differing Nordic or Nedic ancestry. The first Colovian settlers were (Cyro) Nordic mercenaries, who had helped Alessia's rebellion in return for the promise of land. Many Nedic ex-slaves who were tribeless, homeless or had collaborated with the Ayleid Hegemony followed the Nords west, and they were joined by the liberated slaves of the western Ayleid lords and inhabitants of the semi-independent Nedic cities on the west coast that the Nords subjugated. The resulting situation is somewhat similar to that of the Britons and Saxons in England: a land-owning nobility of Nordic ancestry (who in some cases still swore fealty to the Skyrim High King), and a large, landless Nedic population. Though this racial division has been all but wiped away by the passage of time, it still exists in the traditions and legal customs of Colovia.

Also, a little note on the Kvatch arena: it would be interesting to have an Grecian amphitheater like in this picture, with Kvatch's cliff-side on the far end. It would be a variation on the same old circular arena, and save a lot of space for more Kvatch city. Would be a nice view, too.

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Re: Notes on Colovian character/culture/society

Postby Saint_Jiub » 23 Mar 2014, 19:53

Regarding the Kvatch Arena:

I wrote up a blog post forever ago about the sports of Tamriel (spoiler: Dunmer play polo from guarback), and while the post itself has been lost to the ravages of time, my idea for Cyrodiil was calcio cyrodii, based on the real-world game of Calcio Fiorentino:

Since my thought was that it would be mainly a Colovian thing, favored by their aristocracy, and the gladiatorial bloodsport of the IC would be culturally more Nibenese.

Here's a video by the way, it's good stuff:

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Re: Notes on Colovian character/culture/society

Postby Infragris » 23 Mar 2014, 20:47

Interesting stuff, Saint_Jiub, but difficult to represent in-game. We should definitely have a difference between Nibenese and Colovian bloodsports, though. Personally, I've always thought that the whole arena thing was introduced to Cyrodiil by the Redguards, what with Gaiden Shinji building the one in the IC.

Off topic, can we call the hill on which Kvatch was built the Kvetchi Tor?

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Re: Notes on Colovian character/culture/society

Postby SamirA » 23 Mar 2014, 20:48

That is the strangest form of soccer I have ever seen.
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