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Re: General notes on government

Postby MoonAndStar » 27 Jan 2014, 13:32

I agree with Infragris here, four sounds like a good number. If we go with this, and have one legion in Colovia, we should start thinking of a color and insignia (to replace the laurel crown on the shield). Maybe a dark green with a pale green trim to contrast with the dry landscape. And for an insignia, maybe a divine symbol, like Stendarr's horn, or a Nord animal totem; or Morihaus, with wings, horns, and a ring coming out of the shield's boss. I suppose the red diamond should be reserved for the Ruby Legion.

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Re: General notes on government

Postby Infragris » 27 Jan 2014, 16:17

We should take this discussion to the Legion thread.

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Re: General notes on government

Postby Tarius » 28 Jan 2014, 05:20

Darnit, my comment gotten eaten from a while back.

Anyway, there happen to be ten regions in the province. If there are ten regions, you can have one legion per region.
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Re: General notes on government

Postby SamirA » 02 Feb 2014, 21:54

Digging through the forums while sorting through the old mess can lead to some interesting rediscoveries. This is the exact reason we have the Master Plan forum, so we get this things sorted and we don't lose ideas.

Helena wrote:Some recent discussions have got me thinking about how Cyrodiil is governed, and I realised that there's actually very little lore on the Elder Council, the Imperial bureaucracy etc. So I thought I'd make some suggestions as to how things might work, to help with character and quest design in future releases. Although I don't think anything here contradicts established lore, these are just suggestions, and I'd really like to hear other people's ideas as well.

The Elder Council
The Council is made up of representatives from each of the empire's provinces, including Cyrodiil itself. I would suggest 50 as a nice round number, but 100 would do as well. The provinces are free to appoint their own representatives however they wish, though their choice does have to be approved by the Emperor (this obviously has the potential for conflict if a candidate is put forward and then rejected). The Council holds regular sessions for debate and discourse, as well as emergency meetings during a crisis; though the matters under discussion can be put to the vote and enacted into law, the Emperor has veto power over any decision.

The High Chancellor is appointed by the Emperor to act as his deputy and chief advisor. He or she is traditionally a battlemage, dating back to the time when Cyrodiil was ruled by a 'magocracy'.

The Council helps to shape decisions that affect the Empire as a whole, as well as allowing the provinces the opportunity to advance their own interests and settle conflicts. It's not so much concerned with day-to-day matters of governance, which are handled by the local rulers.

The Civil Service
The Civil Service handles administrative and legal matters such as taxation and regulation of commerce, both in Cyrodiil itself and throughout the Empire. It is legendary for its size, professionalism and somewhat ruthless efficiency, at least compared with those of the other provinces - though its members are often accused of being a law unto themselves, using their position to influence legal decisions and feather their own nests. It's sometimes said that the top-ranking civil servants have are nearly as powerful as the Emperor himself - after all, they are the ones charged with implementing his laws and carrying out his policies.

Its ranks are drawn mainly from Cyrodiil's large, wealthy and powerful middle classes. The recruitment process is extremely competitive, and candidates of any race and background must undergo a tough selection process, including several rounds of examinations and interviews. Though the mages don't have such a stranglehold on Cyrodiilic politics as they did in the days of the Alessians, it's still common for Arcane University graduates to join the civil service, and several high-ranking members of the Service are also powerful mages. Wealthy merchants, hoping to increase their political power and influence, also commonly encourage their children to join the Service.

If we're going to include any Roman titles as mentioned in this thread, I think this is where we should do it. We can explain away the Latin names on the grounds that these are historical titles dating back to the early days of the Empire.

Now, on to quests: This is the heart of the Empire, and so I'd really like to include some quests involving high-level politics, especially in the Imperial City. Recently I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins, and while I wasn't all that impressed with the game overall, there's one part of the main quest which I absolutely love. Basically it involves a political debate where you have to convince a group of NPCs to side with your character over the villain, who's accusing you of treason. You have to form alliances and choose your arguments carefully in order to win people over, or else you'll lose and have to fight your way out. It's tremendous fun.

I would love to have a quest like that in P:C - not a carbon copy, obviously, but something similar. For instance, say the PC has to appear before the Elder Council (or a subset of them) and convince them that Thadas Tharn is a threat to the Empire. You could approach it in a variety of different ways; a character with high Speechcraft might be able to win people round through debate, while others might have to resort to bribes, favours, threats or even the odd assassination. It would be complicated to write and script, but well worth it if we could pull it off.

Helena wrote:My original plan was to have one Morrowind councillor for each of the Great Houses, making five in total. It's true that Indoril and Dres are very anti-Empire, but even so, I doubt they'd want the other Houses representing their interests in Cyrodiil. Also, I highly doubt that any of the occupied provinces would be willing to accept fewer representatives than any of the others.

I'm thinking of going with 10 councillors for Cyrodiil itself (one for each major city apart from the IC) and five for all the 'official' provinces, with maybe 1 or 2 of High Rock's seats reserved for Orsinium. We could even make that a topic of political debate, with Orsinium demanding equal treatment to the other provinces. Cyrodiil's councillors could be appointed directly by the Emperor, or nominated by the ruler of each county. We don't need to go into detail about how all the others are chosen, as it probably won't be an issue anyway.

Tarius' idea about Councillors leaving their seats empty as a form of protest is an interesting one. It reminds me of the Irish/Northern Irish MPs who used to refuse to take their seats in the British House of Commons. I wouldn't think it would be very common, as there are obvious downsides, but it's something to consider.

Revenant wrote:
Tarius' idea about Councillors leaving their seats empty as a form of protest is an interesting one.

And if done right could be a nice simple way of getting something very "poignant feeling" across. I'd prefer absences not to be explained but rather suggested, leaving the player free to assume whatever reason they want to.

Having representatives from all over the empire gathered together gives us a chance to get some nice provincial stuff into cyrodiil - items that might seem out of place otherwise.

There was also some debate about having all embassies in the IC or scattered around cities closer to the province of origin. Also there was debate about the Great Houses all sending representatives or not as the case could be made that Dres and Indoril would not even consider formal political discourse with the Imperials in Cyrodiil.
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