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Postby Worsas » 17 Jul 2014, 00:32

Ayleid furniture.

SamirA wrote:We just need some basic furn and maybe broken versions for the Ayleid, like a bed, desk, cupboard, drawers, closet, table, chair. We also need a larger chest. After that all we really need for them are the weapons and armor. Everything left should be objects that are sturdy like stone/metal things. Maybe there could be a few disintegrating tapestries or something, but basically all cloth items should be dust by now.

Infragris wrote:Stroti's Ayleid resources for Oblivion might be interesting as inspiration (we probably can't port them as they are based on Oblivion stuff)
- Ayleid Furniture
- Ayleid Clutter
- Ayleid Chest and Display

I don't actually like all of these things, but it's a start. For Ayleid furniture I would suggest the moddeler look into alternative furniture types (that perform the same function): having the same types of bookcases and beds as the common, Dunmer and Dwemer furniture sets makes dungeons feel a bit like a reskin. Things like low tables and benches, chairs you're supposed to kneel on. Maybe base them in more oriental or antique Roman/Grecian types of furniture, rather than vanilla types.

Other suggestions for Ayleid clutter:
- Ayleid instruments: little knives, scissors, chopsticks, not much bigger than a lockpick. Indicative of the Ayleid pastime of recreational torture, though this should be implied more than outright stated. Elegant and sumptuously decorated items. They could double as lockpicks and probes.
- Lower class pottery: very pale, greyish pottery, mostly broken, with crude patterns in darker clay on the outside that imitate the vine-like iron motifs of Ayleid decoration. One of the big mistakes Oblivion made with the Ayleid was that their ruins seemed lifeless and without purpose, not indicative of a living culture. Indicating that there was a lower class that did not have access to fine ironwork might rectify this a little.

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