Mir Corrup discussion

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Mir Corrup discussion

Postby SamirA » 04 Jan 2011, 18:35

Consensus from the old forums is that yes Mir Corrup will be part of this mod. The following is an abridged portion of the discussion that remains relevant as the project moves forward.

ZackG wrote:So here's what we have agreed upon
1) Mir Corrup existed
2) It was a main resort for Imperials
3) It no longer is
4) 2920 as a historical record places Mir Corrup in Cyrodiil
5) The events in Palla did not take place as outlined in Palla
6) There are indeed manors and the like

What we dont agree on
1) Its focus as a town in a tourist attraction now. I don't imagine a place like Tamriel as having a very large middle class. I imagine it with a wealthy upper class a very small middle class, and a extremely large lower class who are supported through temples and their meager trades. That type of economy severely limits tourism. Even with tourism, the wealthy head out to the Imperial City, the shores of Anvil, the cantons of Vivec, the beautiful ports on Senchal or Rihad. Perhaps Alinor, if you can get in. But expecting the minority wealthy to spend even one night in a town of ruins doesn't seem realistic and over a span of how many hundreds of years we have, even a 3 or 4 year span without more than a few visitors would bankrupt the town. Its more reasonable to make the town built now on tradesmen trying to survive in a depressed community than a tourist attraction, however poor, imo.
2) (Mages) Guilds remain. It could, I suppose, but I dont think the Mages Guild would continue to finance a guild in such a small area that is so closed off and home to mainly tradesmen (if we go with that).

What I think can go either way without dispute
1) The history behind the statue
2) A few manors are still in use, but in poor condition
3) One bathhouse remains open
4) Its located on the outskirts of Cyrodiil (the corners of Cyrodiil in Palla dont necessarily mean they are the corners of Cyrodiil today

One idea I had while writing this is perhaps a fire was a major cause of the cities downturn. Imagine an accident in the Mages Guild (which would be nice if it was instead a small university, with the way its described in Palla). Maybe a young student couldnt control his destruction magic but no matter the details, there was a fire that burned down the university, killing most professors and students. The tragedy mixed with the loss of revenue from the students spending on the school and the professors spending to live in the city and from visitors being weary going to a resort that still has charred remnants of its buildings around, ended up over time collapsing the city. With this idea we could include a questline or two where you enter the burned, now haunted, school and free the souls of the fires victims.

ZXT012 wrote:I agree with the quoted post of Zackg. The location could be around Fort Cuptor, near Lake Canulus.

DJGamer wrote:So it would be a bit like this, then?

http://cyrodiil.deejaygamer.com/cyrodii ... ions01.jpg

+ Nice location, the lake could make it a bit more scenic and may be a source of water for the bathhouse(s).
+ The location is fairly open space on the map as well (http://oogoo.eu/images/cyrodiil.jpg).
+ Judging from this topographical-type map, it looks to be somewhat up in or near the mountains: http://img187.imageshack.us/f/cyrodiil328igaq8.jpg/

- Isn't exactly in a "corner" of Cyrodiil (but that may have been a figurative statement-it IS close to a border, however).
- It's quite far from Hammerfell, although I suppose it isn't entirely improbable that Redguards might migrate to it.

Also interesting on the topographical map is that where I've currently thought to locate Sutch would be over a mountain or something-not sure if that's actually in the official topography in the game or if it's just a creative liberty...

The whole reason for putting it there to begin with is to have a story arc about it being "anexed" into Hammerfell.

There's also the fact that the mountain range there seems to create "perfect natural border" so a territorial dispute seems less and less likely. I can't remember how much of Quixote's ideas were based off the idea we had of Sutch being integrated into Hammerfell in the future-it could be possible to explain it, like Mir Corrup that it simply "wasn't included" in Oblivion...buuuutttt...Oblvion includes a book which places Sutch in Hammerfell-it's always possible that the author was mistaken about the location, but that feels like a bit of a stretch... :/

Alright, well I've found at least three topics regarding or referencing Sutch. I've recalled that TYOB (The Ye Olde Bard) originally was working out the lore aspects but since he's departed I'm not sure how much of his contribution remains exactly. I'm starting a new thread specifically about Sutch to see if we can get things sorted out.
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Re: Mir Corrup discussion

Postby Tarius » 05 Feb 2011, 07:00

Just some ideas.
With the downfall of any place, you get crime. Incorporating the presence of the theives guild into the city would be interesting. Basically because the area is no longer as popular which means less people and more abandoned buildings, also means more space for criminals to act in without being caught. Not to mention the fact that some of the locals could have turned to crime as a way to get by making not just for a thieves presence but also gang presence(perhaps a conflict between the local gang and the guild even). Likely also the sort of thing you wouldnt talk about openly in the town itself. Even if no major presence for the theives guild were to exist, then it would at least be a likely place for storage of stolen objects and fences who buy them(due to the likely abandoned buildings); of course if not even that, then perhaps at least a stopping point to rest. Ah well, you can see where I am going.(Imagine an increased likelyhood that the PC would get mugged, haha)
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Re: Mir Corrup discussion

Postby SamirA » 05 Feb 2011, 22:45

Hmm I like this idea. Thieves Guild presence here could be pretty strong, but on top of that this could be the location we use for our Dark Brotherhood coven. We know there are multiple cells in Cyrodiil and I would prefer to create a new coven for P:C and this would be an ideal place noting the situation Mir Corrup is in. I still want to create the coven as seen in Oblivion also, but they will be more for flavor and possibly can help on a quest or two but the main sect our player will work with should be the group found in Mir Corrup. Interestingly enough Corrup is an awful lot like Corruption...
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Re: Mir Corrup discussion

Postby Osidian » 27 Jun 2011, 17:54

Here are some different ideas for Mir Corrup. They don't make the town a half-abandoned place, but instead make Mir Corrup a growing city. That doesn't necessarily exclude a big presence of the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, as growing cities tend to attract criminal activity too.
(If I accidentally killed the English language somewhere in the text, I'm sorry...)

Set deeply into Nibenay's jungle, Mir Corrup's history dates as far back as the beginning of the First Era, before the First Empire of Men, when it was a Ayleid city called -insertname-, whose ruins can still be seen today near the modern city.

Mir Corrup remained mostly a backwater place until hot spring baths became a favorite of the Nibenese nobility in late 1st Era. The settlement grew, achieving city and county status, and it had its golden years in the 2nd Era, when the nobles of Nibenay and members of the Imperial City court frequently came to the city longing for the hot springs and the peaceful jungle. The jungle around the city also catered for other of nobility's favorite activities, hunting trips.

However, as hot baths' popularity fell among the wealthy, so did the city's. Throughout the 3rd Era the population of Mir Corrup decreased and while a couple of bathhouses still remained, the city was no longer seen as an idyllic resort. While the city managed to keep it's County status – mostly due to the absence of any other big settlement in this jungle region – it became the smallest city to bear that title, not much bigger than towns like Stirk or Hackdirt. Overall, the County of Mir Corrup was considered by everyone as the most unimportant county of Cyrodiil and even its Fighters and Mages guilds were looked with disdain by the guilds in other cities.

But a lot has changed since Julia Scalabia became the Countess of the city 40 years ago, succeeding to his father. Countess Julia realized the city needed to change the focus of its economy. Its dependency on the seasonal coming of nobles had only brought the city to its downfall and current slumber. She realized that the city barely took advantage of its location near the border with both Morrowind and Argonia. To her, it made no sense that 95% of Cyrodiil's trade with Morrowind was done via Cheydinhal, when Narsis, probably the most important trading center of the Eastern Provinces, was right on the other side of the border.

Since then, the city made a big investment in improving and securing the main roads of the County and it's starting to pay off. As of 3E427 the city holds about 25% of the trade with Morrowind and 15% of the trade with Argonia. While it still remains the smallest city in Cyrodiil, it is today a sustainable trading city and its population is growing slowly but steadily. The influx of travelers also had a positive effect on the bathhouses that regained some of its former popularity, but nowadays they're not an exclusive pleasure as they once were and even middle class traders can sometimes be seen in the famous hot baths. Some nobles still own exquisite manors in the city or in the jungle nearby and frequent the bathhouses, but most of what appealed to them was lost when the city became commerce-focused.

Another important presence in the city is that of the Imperial Archaeological Society, who continues to explore the ancient Ayleid ruin which is believed to still have undocumented areas and many secrets to uncover.
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Re: Mir Corrup discussion

Postby SamirA » 27 Jun 2011, 19:32

I like this very much Osidian.
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Re: Mir Corrup discussion

Postby Helena » 27 Jun 2011, 21:07

I like it too. We already have one run-down, decaying city (Bravil) and as Osidian said, we can still have Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood activity in a growing town.

One thing: I know zackg's pretty much left now anyway, but I have to take issue with him regarding Cyrodiil's middle class. Quite apart from the huge Imperial bureaucracy, trade has been the backbone of Empire since the Alessian era - if there's one province that ought to have a large, powerful middle class, it's Cyrodiil. (Heck, even Morrowind has a fairly large one.) I know people tend to view Tamriel as a 'medieval' society, but apart from the weapons/armor and some of the clothing styles, there's really nothing remotely medieval about it.

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