The decrepit town.

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The decrepit town.

Postby Wollibeebee » 26 Mar 2013, 01:18

I suggest reading the Fort Linchal and Hastel thread first.

At the bottom of a cliffface in the Colovian Highlands is a small town, built around the lake which contains the entrance to the Mongrel's Tooth Cave.
The town was built nearly 200 years ago, when miners stumbled across a large coal deposit. When the coal eventually ran out 150 years ago most the miners and their families left, and the town was almost completely forgotten to the outside world. Except to the corrupt soldiers of Fort Hastel and Fort Linchal who often pillage the town and it's inhabitants who are too poor and to ill-equip to leave without an escort.
A single guard patrols the town, scaring away rats and goblins from the houses abandoned over a 100 years ago, and defending the malnourished, defenseless fish mongers still left. No one really knows why he was sent to Linchal, only that he was an important member of the army at one point.
The player can do a quest in which the they must help the guard fend off some ex-military bandits and head to Kvatch to order some wood and stone to create a perimeter around the town to keep the inhabitants safe. The player will be rewarded with a ruined house that the towns people have tried to make look hospitable. It'll have character.

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