[WIP] 8-bit Minecraft Texture Pack

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[WIP] 8-bit Minecraft Texture Pack

Postby DJGamer » 13 Sep 2011, 17:50

It's almost perpetually stuck in a state of "almost done" because I tend to stop at the point where all the peaceful mob creatures are taken care of. I still plan on finishing all of those eventually though plus there are still a few icons I haven't reworked yet.

The image gallery I just set up showcases both the textures and some of my Minecraft creations. A lot of the screenshots are from my Crater World, which ended up being a world were I built my most ambitious creations.

The basic idea behind the 8-bit texture pack is taking the original textures and simplifying them down to their most basic form, using as few colors as possible. They might not all strictly adhere to what for instance the NES would have been capable of but it does still feel pretty old school while not deviating too far from the overall look of the original textures. I know there are a few similar texture packs out there but I hope mine is unique enough to stand out amongst them.

It also tends to make the game run smoother on older systems or if you're like me and tend to have other things running while you're playing Minecraft.

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