My triumphant return

Introductions and generally anything not related to Province Cyrodiil.
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My triumphant return

Postby starwarsgal9875 » 02 Jan 2011, 21:47

So, on Sunday, I brought home with me, my computer! It's really been neat looking at the insane amount of stuff I was working on, it's really quite overwhelming to think about it.

That being said, I'm not going to be as actively involved in the Morrowind community as I was, I don't have internet on my Home PC right now anyways. But I'll try to get you guys a few of the things I was working on/almost done before I left.

Well, that's all, if you have a suggestion for what me to get you guys (small stuff please), shoot! I'll see where I am in terms of farmhouses, Aylied textures and wayshrines for starters.

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Re: My triumphant return

Postby DJGamer » 02 Jan 2011, 21:48

Nice to have you back. Models and concept art are more important now than when we'd started out since we're now working on adding three new towns/cities to Cyrodiil and we can't just rely on replicating content from Oblivion (even hen we are recreating a location from Oblivion, we always want to try and add a unique spin to it).

Also, it would be nice if you could try out your blog on the new forums, I want to make sure it's working properly. The way it's set up is kinda like a "news" forum. A news forum is set up so that only certain people can post a new topic but anyone who's signed up can reply to these topics. The blog forums are a much more specific variation-where only a single user has permission to start new topics but again anyone can reply to them. That way it works much like a blog only it's done through the forum system. I figured this would be much easier to deal with than finding and attempting to install a custom blog system for phpBB.

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