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Re: My Steam Library

Postby Tarius » 04 Oct 2011, 07:20

I recommend you get Dead Space for console rather than pc. They screwed up big time with the controls on it. Nothing wrong with getting it for the pc though(if you do decide to), as turning off vsync will get rid of most of the cursor drift(although some will remain but it isnt hard to get used to it) and there is something you can download to un-hardwire certain keys if thats to your liking. With DS2, thankfully they fixed the control problems.
Both DS1 and DS2 are pretty good though.
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Re: My Steam Library

Postby Scamp » 04 Oct 2011, 11:59

The Witcher 2 is worth getting just for the graphics. Probably one of the graphically best games out there.


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