StoneFrog's Showcase (Interior)

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StoneFrog's Showcase (Interior)

Postby StoneFrog » 02 Jan 2013, 14:02

Hi there everyone!

I have not been particularly involved with the TES community in some years now. I have been dearly missing Morrowind modding, and felt that this project could use a hand moreso than TR at this point.

I love level design, world building, all of that. I can also do texture work and have limited working skill with Blender (would be more efficient for me to use if it were like Hammer or a CAD program...) should it ever be of use, althoug hfor right now I just have my old TR interior showcase. It's built around the shell ex_hlaalu_b_21. Previous context from my TR thread:

There's little in the way of context to pin on this one - I imagine it being the home of a single individual, though in spite of the cramped and linear nature of the building (which in my opinion lends to the sequestered atmosphere) they often have the company of a friend over. The kitchen/storage area is spatious enough, though this individual spends a fair bit of time upstairs due to its more intimate nature. I'd originally designed this for a different building before realizing it was too long, and thus chose the current one as it was the only one of adequate length (though the only time it's used in vanilla MW is for the Balmora Fighters' Guild, where there's an expansive basement level). I've attempted to fit a bed into the upper level and still keep it fairly navigable, though that's a subjective matter. I felt placing the living quarters anywhere downstairs would make it feel too vulnerable, and in spite of how the upper level is riddled with doors, rounding the corner before going upstairs helps in making it feel relatively sheltered compared to the rest of the house.

Placement of clutter near the upper doors is tight, but I imagine all outside doors as opening outward so it probably wouldn't seem too unrealistic.

I have only done a quick review of my last revision, and it's been months since I last looked at it in the CS, so excuse me if there are any miscellaneous details or technical inconsistencies (placement of tapestries Bethesda style vs clipping into the wall, etc). Looking forward to hearing from you guys at your nearest convenience. Much appreciated.
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Re: StoneFrog's Showcase (Interior)

Postby Scamp » 02 Jan 2013, 15:47

Yo, welcome to our boards!

If you are a modder at TR, you don't need to prove anything and should be given the titles right away as it is our standard.

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Re: StoneFrog's Showcase (Interior)

Postby SamirA » 02 Jan 2013, 16:21

Welcome aboard StoneFrog, I saw your TR showcase!
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