Juro family (Guard Captain)

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Juro family (Guard Captain)

Postby TerrifyingDaedricFoe » 24 Feb 2013, 15:45

Tullius Juro was born the son of a labourer in Kvatch. He joined the Imperial Watch as a way to make a name for himself and hopefully advance up the social ladder. He completed training with average scores and served in the Kvatch City Guard for six years without doing anything spectacular. Then he got a 'lucky' break. He was part of a raid on a bandit hideout in the West Weald when he saved his captain's life, getting a spear through the belly for his trouble. Fortunately he survived, but for six months afterwards he couldn't serve on active duty. Instead he was given the role of captain's adjutant. It was then that he discovered a talent for organisation and logistics. He was made Watch Lieutenant of Shardrock for over a decade, during which time he was commended for his efficient use of scant resources. When the position of Watch Captain of Stirk became open he applied, more out of hope than expectation, and was amazed to be offered the post. He has now been Watch Captain for over twenty years, and is beginning to feel it. His strong points were always in peacetime, but now he finds himself having to fight a war against the pirates and has found that he lacks the necessary strategic and tactical acumen for the job. His way of dealing with this is to take it out on others, and he's now very irritable with zero tolerance for those he sees as slackers.

Tullius' wife Laurentina married him when he was in Shardrock and moved with him to Stirk. She enjoys not doing a lot, pottering around the house and occasionally going into town to buy things. She's not from a posh family, but she acts it. Most of the actual posh people in Stirk find her incredibly annoying.

Seneca Juro works as the prison secretary at the Stirk jail. Although it's a uniformed job, it requires next to no physically activity and is incredibly boring. Seneca got the job because of his father, and unfortunately Tullius thinks his son is being ungrateful. As far as Tullius sees it, it's a very good job indeed - it's working for the Watch so people respect you, but you don't have to work very hard or put yourself in danger. However, the other guards on duty in the prison are guarded :scamp: when they talk to Seneca because he's the boss's son and they refer to him as a 'toy soldier' behind his back. Seneca just wants a bit of excitement in his life, and he's even thinking of running away and becoming a criminal like the ones in the books he reads. In his heart though, he knows that he's too scared of his father to try it.
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