Fulvius Leclerc (Dockmaster) & Josette Leclerc (Clothier)

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Fulvius Leclerc (Dockmaster) & Josette Leclerc (Clothier)

Postby TerrifyingDaedricFoe » 23 Feb 2013, 15:04

Fulvius Leclerc is an Imperial, and has been dockmaster of Stirk for nearly a decade. He likes everything to be as efficient as possible, and isn't happy when things go wrong. He takes it as a personal insult when ships are late as it upsets his perfect scheduling. He's basically a nightmare boss, but Stirk would be worse off without him.

Fulvius met Josette, a Breton, two years ago when she visited Stirk on holiday. They fell in love and she never left. Josette took over the clothing store soon after getting married. As the wife of the dockmaster, she gets first pick of the goods arriving by boat, but she also makes a lot of the clothes herself because that's what she most enjoys doing. There is a rumour going around Stirk that there's some sort of dodgy dealing going on, what with the close connection between the dockmaster and a shopkeeper, but all the paperwork is properly filled out. Victus Pilious clearly doesn't believe he's being cheated or he'd do something about it.
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Re: Fulvius Leclerc (Dockmaster) & Josette Leclerc (Clothier

Postby Tarius » 23 Feb 2013, 20:06

I propose a quest where the PC has to investigate the source of the rumors.
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