Seguri Sosia, Retired battlemage

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Seguri Sosia, Retired battlemage

Postby Rattfink333 » 29 Jul 2012, 00:26

Seguri Sosia is an imperial. Born in Bruma. After a long career as an imperial battlemage in service to the fourth legion. He has retired to stirk because it is NOT COLD.

He is of the opinion of after years of being on the sharp end of things to protect people who didn't know and couldn't care less. He is going to have a blissful retirement by following the principle of don't know, don't care, Ain't gonna look.

He is friendly enough. Just not interested in anything going on beyond his own nose. And if pushed will go out of his way to keep it that way. He did his service to emperor and country.
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Re: Seguri Sosia, Retired battlemage

Postby Tarius » 18 Jun 2013, 00:02

You know, this would be a great person to buy a couple spells from, provided he likes you enough.
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