Jafan - Captain of the Magnificent

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Jafan - Captain of the Magnificent

Postby TerrifyingDaedricFoe » 04 Apr 2012, 18:52

Note: Jafan and Aria appeared in TR's Stirk Mod. I'd like to include them in P:C as a homage.

Jafan is the Redguard Captain of the Magnificent, a ship which is currently docked at Stirk harbour. He has travelled all along the western coast of Tamriel, collecting many blatantly untrue tales of heroism and glory, most of them involving himself. Jafan has a great deal to tell you about many things, if you have the patience to sit through his tall tales to get to what you actually wanted to find out.

Aria is a Jafan's long-suffering wife. Growing up in Anvil she was always fascinated by the tales of seafarers. She married Jafan after hearing him describe his incredibly exciting life, only to discover it wasn't quite as a exciting as he made it out to be. She now finds it incredibly difficult to put up with Jafan's tall tales, but doesn't have the heart to leave him because she knows he's still deeply in love with her.
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