Jimsnn - Former Onder-Jumbei

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Jimsnn - Former Onder-Jumbei

Postby DJGamer » 29 Aug 2011, 15:47

This is a character I haven't particularly developed yet, but feel free to help me brainstorm ideas in this thread.

A couple of years ago he filled the position of Onder-Jumbei and was responsible for managing the smaller day-to-day operations of the Kali Mes. Unfortunately he did something (I haven't come up with what yet-that's one of the things we'll need to brainstorm) which ressulted in him being voted out and replaced by Torlin, the current Onder-Jumbei. There is a chance that this is somehow part of Lairah Hawker's scheme to become Ra-Jumbei.

Jimsnn was not only voted out of office but also reduced to the rank of Askari rather than Bwanei. This has caused him a fair amount of shame.

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