Ereldor and Aistillin - Hoteliers

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Ereldor and Aistillin - Hoteliers

Postby Helena » 04 Aug 2011, 20:26

Ereldor and Aistillin are a married couple who run the 'Safe Harbor', Stirk's most exclusive hotel (expect to be turned away if your outfit isn't smart enough). Being Altmer, they've actually been here longer than anyone else in Stirk, though it was only recently that they decided to turn their home into a boarding house. They cater to the few wealthy tourists and businesspeople who show up in Stirk, and hope to expand their business as the town becomes more popular with holidaymakers.

Their son Moreil is a bored teenager who has no interest in carrying on the family business. Instead he spends his time hanging out with his equally rich, bored friends and occasionally getting into trouble. He talks a lot about running away from home to become be a pirate or smuggler, but doesn't really have the guts. What he really wants is to leave Stirk and travel to Summerset Isle, which he's never seen, but imagines as some kind of paradise.

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