Anvil - The Imperial Administration

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Anvil - The Imperial Administration

Postby Infragris » 20 Oct 2014, 13:53

The offices of the Imperial Administration are located in the Manor of the Highest Administrator, known as the Praetorium of the Coast (other Praetoria follow this naming convention, like the Praetorium of the Hills in Chorrol, of the Snow in Bruma etc. Exception is Kvatch, which has a Consul). This is where the Praetor lives, receives guests and dignitaries, and is also where the local archives and scribes' offices are located.

Hago Millirius - (Nibenense, m, Praetor). The head of the Imperial administration in the county of Anvil. Hago is an elderly man, who considers his posting in Anvil to be an early retirement, far away from the dangerous politics of the Imperial City. He spends an absolute minimum of time on his duties, preferring the casino, harbor club and the upper-class brothel, where he has his favorite girl. Despite this, he is a very quick-witted and capable politician, who once thrived in the cut-throat world of Nibenese politics. Hago's superior is the Consul in Kvatch, though the latter has very little authority over him. There is a lot of tension between him and Countess Umbranox. Hago believes his position is unassailable, and that any new ruler of Anvil would have to negotiate with him for power. He wouldn't mind having a weaker ruler than Umbranox, though he is not actively plotting against her. Hago has knowledge of several plots against the Countess, but does not act on this one way or the other.

Junis Vestans - (Nibenese, m, Praecantor). Second-in-command for Hago Millirius. Junis takes care of most of the day-to-day adminsitrative business, delegated to the scribes, and acts as the Praetor's public face (all contacts with Hago go through him). Unlike the Praetor, Junis considers his posting in Anvil to be a disgrace. He has nothing but scorn for the unsophisticated Colovians, their lack of political intrigue, their boorish manners, and their simplistic sense of aesthetics. His greatest wish would be to return to Nibenay, where his skills would not go to waste. Not a very popular figure in the city, though he is very friendly with the overseer of the Silk Weaver's Guild Depot, who shares his opinions on Colovia.

Nontus Jorel - (Colovian, m, Inductor). A scribe in service to the Praetor. A secret Blades agent, posted here to keep an eye on local administration and the import/export business. Supposed to be concerned with smuggling, high-level corruption and the political instability of Anvil and Sutch, though lately all his attention goes to a neurotic suspicion that he is being watched by other Blades agents. He is aware of the player's presence in Anvil, and will cooperate with them if approached. Nontus suspects that there is another Blades agent in Anvil, and will pay the player to investigate this.

Atia Lanaros - (Colovian, f, Inductor). Scribe in service to the Praetor.

Ermar Tobversen - (Nord, m, Secutor). Low-ranked scribe and harbor master. Can be found at the docks, where he observes incoming traffic and arranges for harbor taxes and inspections. Known to take bribes.

Andreas Velsor - (Colovian, m, Secutor). Low-ranked scribe, courier service and filing in the Praetor's office. Andreas believes that the Nibenese conspire to keep the top-level administration jobs away from Colovians. Which is true, but Andreas is also just bad at his job. He has a personal vendetta against Junis Vestans, the Praecantor.

Theodesta Decirest - (Breton, f, Secutor). Low-ranked scribe and courier, tasked with communication with the Census & Excise offices. Believes herself better than the agents of the Census & Excise because she works for the Praetor's office. A bit arrogant.

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