Jonuni Pelelius - "Retired" Blades Agent

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Jonuni Pelelius - "Retired" Blades Agent

Postby DJGamer » 17 Jan 2011, 21:10

He lives in a fairly nice house in Stirk, as Blade members who manage to actually live to the age of retirement are treated quite well. It isn't quite a mansion but it's not a run-down shack either.

Despite being "officially" retired, he still is always on the lookout for suspicious activity on the island. He's recently noticed an increase in pirate activity and sends the player on a quest to investigate.

Every retired Blades agent has the right to name a "successor" to essentially replace them amongst the Blades ranks-allowing that person to forgo the usually difficult process of managing to get recruited. It is not often that a successor candidate is rejected since they have a enough respect for a retired member to trust in their judgment.

I can't say much more about his personality-besides the idea that he has the mentality of "once a Blade, always a Blade" (similar to "once a Marine, always a Marine")-so although he is technically retired he still feels a strong sense of duty to the Empire, while still enjoying the benefits of his retirement of course.

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Re: Jonuni Pelelius - "Retired" Blades Agent

Postby Yeti » 01 Apr 2012, 00:35

I can take this as my first claim ever at PC :)

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Re: Jonuni Pelelius - "Retired" Blades Agent

Postby SamirA » 01 Apr 2012, 01:12

Did you mean to claim his house interior Yeti?
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