The Concept Art Dept: How we work

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The Concept Art Dept: How we work

Postby Revenant » 14 Mar 2012, 20:56

A small FAQ topic, to clarify a few things.

Who can contribute?
Everyone. Concept Art is one of the few areas where regular members can contribute. You don’t have to be promoted to draw stuff, though regular members contributing will eventually deserve such a promotion.

What kind of art can I post here?
Anything. Within our frame of work (Cyrodiil) artists can draw anything they like, and we encourage them to. Even off-topic art is welcome in the appropriate threads, since it helps keep the forum active.

I want my art to be useful; how do I find out what you need?
We are working on the Imperial province, so any useful art is related to that province. Look at the work of other artists and try to continue or improve on their work, or find something that hasn't been done yet. However, don't worry yourself too much about your concepts 'being used.' There are generally way more concepts than modelers could possibly process. Even if a concept is not modeled, it is always useful for inspiration and to help define and visualize the lands and cultures we create.

There is also a certain degree of directing going on from above. This happens mainly through the Focused Concept Group (FCG).

What is a Focused Concept Group?
The Focused Concept Groups are held within the concept art forum and are essentially assignments from modelers to artists. As always, anyone can contribute. FCG threads will stay at the top of the forum until the requests are fulfilled. Because conceptual artwork needs to help the 3D modeller to make specifically what you're thinking, clear, functional work is a must. See our Concept Art Guidelines for a better understanding of 2D drawings.

What do you expect from aspiring artists?
When it comes to functional art, we have certain quality standards to make them useful for modelers. They are not really demanding though, and no artist should have a problem with them. Again, see our Concept Art Guidelines thread.

Aside from that, there is one important trait we seek in dedicated artists: independence. The FCGs don’t cover everything. In no small part this is because we often only realize we need something after someone’s made a concept of it. That’s why it’s important that an artist can work independently. To find his/her own projects, things we missed or can be improved or added to. This may be difficult at first, so it takes some dedication and persistence from the artist to really get going. However, the concept art forum is a welcoming place. We encourage artists to try it, stick around, don't be shy and don’t give up.

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