Revenants Concept Art

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Re: Revenants Concept Art

Postby Revenant » 01 Sep 2011, 22:57

First post updated

Let's just call those last two images "atmospherics" due to the fact that you can see sod-all except for the windows. I should have highlighted and backlit those enchanted hedges with moonlight - meh :/

They're chapel concepts - styled like an opulent manor to try and highlight the "cult" part and distance them from the "christian cathedrals" we got in Oblivion.

I see them extending back quite a ways - with plenty of chambers.

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Re: Revenants Concept Art

Postby SamirA » 01 Sep 2011, 23:06

I like that very much. Similar in style to the architecture of the Gold Coast, but not limited to that set entirely allwoing from some more diversity. Change a few things about towers and rooves from region to region and we can have a base set the will fit in any city of Cyrodiil yet look unique from place to place.
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Re: Revenants Concept Art

Postby Scamp » 02 Sep 2011, 12:47

Like I said on IRC, it's pretty cool, especially because it's not what you automatically assosiate with a chapel.

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Re: Revenants Concept Art

Postby Osidian » 02 Sep 2011, 20:43

I really like the chapel concept too.
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Re: Revenants Concept Art

Postby Helena » 02 Sep 2011, 21:06

Really excellent work there. The only thing I don't like so much is the Jesus-figure by the windows (I realise it's probably meant to be Dibella, but it looks like Jesus :) ) Otherwise it's great, and would fit perfectly in the Gold Coast. It would be good to have churches which match the cities' architecture, rather than the same vaguely Gothic-looking cathedral in each town à la Oblivion.


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