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Re: Some Art

Postby Tarius » 01 Aug 2011, 04:49

wollibeebee wrote:aylied ruins in the IC was discussed awhile ago, right? what if the IC "people" used those crystal lights? using aylied stones (the ones that were in OB)

Welkynd Stones. Those things were supposed to be valuable. I would say they would probably show up in the richer districts but mabe not so much in the poorer ones.
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Re: Some Art

Postby Revenant » 15 Mar 2012, 09:41

Topic moved here from Cyrodiil Public Discussion thread. Hope you don't mind Yali. I'm looking through your artwork atm and catching up on comments. Your majhost gallery has a lot of interesting and probably useful resources too, especially a few of the photographs.


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