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Coven's Close

Postby Wollibeebee » 09 Jun 2013, 10:05

Somewhere in Cyrodiil is a witch, she lives in a hole in the ground that barely passes as a home. Her name is [no idea] and she's well know to both powerful mages and suspicious townsfolk alike. She has lived a very long time and has a lot to say, her life has been magnified be the rumors surrounding her to such an extent that because of her age, even she is not sure what has really happened and what hasn't.

Once the Bedlam of one of the most famed Covans of Cyrodiil [perhaps one of the only, depends on how we treat covens] she was betrayed by her jealous and spiteful followers. So now she sits in her hole, and has done for years. It's been nearly 20 years - which isn't a long time for witches - since she last saw another man or mer. She has prepared her revenge, but she knows her days are numbered. She needs an aid.

That's where the player comes in, assuming they even manage to find the well hidden door to her hole full of madness. Her quests are similar to Dark Brotherhood quests; find the target, find a way to kill her, tell her why she's about to die, and then do it. Fulfill [no idea's] revenge.

The fights are for high level characters, and, because it's been nearly 20 years, the witches that usurped her are surrounded by their own followers. It is almost vital that the player tells the witch they kill what the reason for their death is.

By the end of the quest series (5 or so missions), the larger Covens of Cyrodiil will be crushed and a new one will be created in there place.

Rewards are nice magical items (perhaps an artifact, even) and a dubious story told to the player in a very senile way. The stories should be the funnest part. ;)


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