tent beds.

Tile-Sets for locations not specific to any major towns or cities.
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tent beds.

Postby Wollibeebee » 01 Jul 2011, 09:03

i just quickly made this:

it's using the texture worsas used on the tents and it's missing the bottom thatch chunk.


that what it looked like using the vanilla bed (except i've lowered the thatch part through the floor).

adding it is up to you, it's just a little something extra. if you add it i'll update the 2 tents later, but for now it's probably fine. :)
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Re: tent beds.

Postby SamirA » 01 Jul 2011, 16:56

Nice, I'll give it a look. It's always good to have variations of things just for us. Little differences make a big impact overall and show a different atmosphere in Cyrodiil than Morrowind. Our province is just a bit brighter, still gritty, but brighter.
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